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Rebel Tea by Mama D

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Rebel Tea by Mama D

A recipe created by Mama D in 1989 when Sri Lanka was engulfed by war and insurgence. Due to numerous hardships in the country, Dissa (one of our master tea makers) and family couldn’t get a cuppa for months. So Mama D headed out secretly & plucked tea leaves & adopting a traditional recipe lost for more than a century she created this special brew.

She sun-dried her hand-picked leaves, hand pounded them in a stone mortar, hand-rolled and fired on a traditional hearth.

Rebels Tea by Mama D is a s strong as she is.

The result is a full-bodied, ultra-strong cuppa, easy to drink with or without milk.

Available as loose leaf in our deli box, handmade fabric bag (made in the plantation village) or bulk refill bag.

How to brew a perfect cup of TEA
Hot brewing

Use 1 teaspoon per cup
Boiling hot water is best (100’c) and leave for 3 minutes

Our teas can be brewed several times if you pour all the liquor off the leaves after each infusion.

100% pure black Ceylon Tea (Single Estate)

Store in a dry place and away from direct sunlight.

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